Thursday, January 27, 2011

Salt fish and - well - custard

Had a fabulous dinner Sunday - for an Asian family who had (literally) never had a really good Western meal.


Easy enough.  Ocean Trout cooked in salt.  Desert is custard.

Separate 10 eggs.  Use the yolks to make a really good custard (say 450ml cream, 300ml milk, vanilla pod. Make the custard - and then bake ... Serve with sweetened stewed rubarb - in which you have conentrated the sauce.  (Don't want to water that custard.)

But first the main:

Beat whites till stiff.  Mix with 150g corn flour and 2kg salt.  Lay 1cm on bottom of baking dish.  lay out ocean trout - cover the whole thing in salt mix.  Bake 200 c for 25 minutes.  Let sit for 25 min.  Serve with potato salad and salads.

You get the idea.  Will write this up properly one day.


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