Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mum is coming to dinner

Trick here - something that is impressive - but requires that I can disappear to the kitchen whenever the family stresses arise.  

But I don't want to be stuck in the kitchen because if mum is in good form I don't want to miss out.

We didn't have Chrissy with my parents (the Goddess's parents got the guernsey).  So this is make up.  Impressive is required.


Take one neck cut of bangalow pork, some fat still on, no skin, cut 2.5cm thick.  Brown.  Boil up some shallots (1 minute).  Cool under cold water.  Peel.  Pink Eye potatos cut into rounds 1cm thick.  Raisins, sage.  Cover stock.  Star anise (I know I am addicted).  Cover wet paper and foil.  Low temperature 2.5 hours.

Take out the stock about 10 minutes before serving.  Cool suddenly and skim fat.  Then reduce, reduce, reduce, touch of Balsamic V.  

Serve with steamed greens.  


Easy enough.

Then I got to do another Soufflee and custard.  Trying to get these perfect.  Working well now.


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