Monday, May 25, 2009

Barramundi and fennel

Barramundi is an estuary fish from Northern Australia.  Fabulous fish.  I guess you could use any high quality white flesh estuary fish.  Maybe a big perch.  

I do this for 6-8 people.  

I am a fennel addict.  Here is a simple one which I kind of like…

Get yourself a big grill – something like this Le Cruset one.  Grill some fine slices of Fennel.  Take them off.  Let them cool.

Take your whole barra, cleaned but with head on.  Cut 3cm wide slices in the side.  Stuff the centre with butter, fennel and parsley.  Rub parsley and butter into the cuts.

Grill both sides for 6 minutes.

Put in oven on a low temperature (say 145c) till it is cooked.

Serve with a green bean salad (blanche beans in boiling water then ice water – reheat in butter and mint).  

Also some potatos.  Potato salad is fine.

Just fabulous.

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