Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note to self - duck with ginger braised in orange juice

My wife has given me permission to cook curries again.  My tendency is to spicy - and she stopped eating them when she got pregnant.  That was a decade ago.

So - you will probably be treated to some Asian food recipes here.

Meanwhile I am watching Rick Stein's Asian adventures - and this recipe makes me salivate.  I am going to cook it later and will report back.

Fry some (8?) duck pieces in a little oil for six or so minutes to get out the fat.  Pour the fat out.

10 or so cloves of garlic - crushed - and put in -
Lots of sliced ginger

Fresh orange juice - not enough to cover the duck - but a long way up.
couple of tablespoons of fish sauce (guess that is where the salt comes from)
Half a dozen star anise (only - you know my addiction) and
3-4 chiles.  Ah - now I have permission!!!
Bruised stick of lemongrass. He says "gently bruised" before he bashes it senseless.  The guy has humor.
Spoonful of palm sugar
Good grind of black pepper

Gentle stir and let it simmer for a while.  I guess he wonders how free-range the ducks are.  (Vietnamese ducks he figures simmer longer).

Pieces of spring onion for the last 10 minutes

He pulls duck and spring onion out.

Reduces sauce a little and thickens with corn-flour and water.

Decorates with a few more spring onion.

Gonna cook that I am.


POST SCRIPT:  Cooked with a thai beef salad and rice.  It is every bit as good as it should be.  WONDERFUL.

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alan said...

"gently bruised" - reminds me of that briefly run tv series "posh nosh" with Richard E Grant. Very funny 10 minute episodes - lots of expressions like "make sure to thoroughly embarass the vegetables in the steamer".

Does sound like a delicious recipe though!